Which are the Best Cuban Cigars?

The best Cuban cigars are the ones exported for sale, all over the world except for the USA. Cuban cigar brands that are kept for local consumption (such as El Rey del Mundo and Ramon Allones) are not at the same quality. Basically, not all Cuban cigars are created equal.

Knowing which brands are considered to be of the highest-quality can help you decide what you should buy when you are shopping for Cuban cigars.


Cohiba was originally only available to elite members of the Communist government and Castro himself, but they have been available on the open market since 1982. Some Cohibas are made in the Dominican Republic to get around the embargo rules for export into America.

The tobacco for Cohibas comes from the Pinar del Rio province, and is particularly smooth because the time is taken for a 3rd fermentation.

You can recognize a Cohiba by the black and yellow design of its paper band. They have several lines under their brand, such as the 1492 series, the Clasica, the Maduro 5 and the new Behike series. The famous Siglo cigars are part of the 1492 line.

Best cuban cigars

Romeo y Juliet is one of the best Cuban cigar brands

Romeo y Julieta

Like Cohiba, the Romeo y Julieta brand of cigars is manufactured both in Cuba and the Dominican Republic so that they can export the non-Cuban varieties to the US. And yes, they are actually named after the Shakespeare play.

Their selection of cigars include a mix of petit and grand coronas, as well as a few robustos panetelas and churchills (named after Winston Churchill, who loved them).


Another one of the best Cuban cigars is the Montecristo brand. They’re name is another tribute to literature, from the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

Aside from their main collection of panetela and corona cigars, Montecristo has recently started making a lighter-bodies cigar in a series called Open.


The Partagas brand of cigars is named after their founder, Don Jaime Partagas Ravelo who was eventually murdered on one of his tobacco plantations. The factory changed hands several times, before being taken over by the government in the Revolution (Cuban government controls all cigar factories, not just Partagas).

Their brand is known for their coronas, panetelas and robustos. Partagas also produces a limited edition line.

If you are visiting Havana, Partagas is a Cuban cigar factory that is open for tours where you can see cigars being hand-rolled.

These are just a few examples of the high-quality brands of Cuban cigars on the market. Trying to decide which are the best Cuban cigars is difficult because everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

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