Weather in Cuba

The weather in Cuba is quite warm all year long, and it can be very humid as well. It’s considered a “sub-tropical” climate. Though the island is fairly small, the weather can be quite different from one end to the other.

Cuba gets the most rain during the summer months, between May and October. Given its location in the Caribbean, the island is also frequently effected by hurricanes in the region, between August and November mostly. If you are looking for cooler temperatures, plan your visit to Cuba from January to April. July is usually the hottest month. On average, the low temperature in Cuba is 21C (70F) and the highs are around 27C (81F) but that can vary.

Real-Time Weather in Cuba Data

Here is the current temperatures and weather conditions in 4 cities in Cuba. I’ve chosen major cities across the island so you can get a better picture of the overall weather (hit reload if the widgets aren’t showing up).

Yearly Climate Trends

If you are planning your trip well in advance, here are some temperature averages throughout the year for 2 major cities on either end of the island as well as the capital of Havana.

Havana Santiago Camaguey
avg high avg high avg high
January 26C (78F) 28C (82F) 28C (82F)
February 26C (78F) 28C (82F) 29C (84F)
March 27C (81F) 28C (82F) 30C (86F)
April 28C (83F) 28C (82F) 31C (88F)
May 29C (85F) 29C (84F) 32C (90F)
June 30C (86F) 30C (86F) 32C (90F)
July 32C (90F) 31C (88F) 33C (92F)
August 31C (88F) 31C (88F) 33C (92F)
September 31C (88F) 31C (88F) 33C (92F)
October 29C (84F) 30C (86F) 31C (88F)
November 27C (81F) 30C (86F) 29C (84F)
December 26C (79F) 28C (82F) 28C (82F)