Visiting Cuba

Well, visiting Cuba is a lot like visiting any other country, with a whole range of different things you should know. That’s really the purpose of this entire site so it’s not a quick thing to discuss.

The main thing people are really curious about, is whether it’s even possible to visit Cuba. Of course it is! The idea that Cuba is out-of-bounds is strictly an American issue that doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. People travel freely to Cuba all year long to enjoy their great weather, unbelievable beaches and unique Caribbean culture. It’s not like you have to sneak in during the night. Tourism in Cuba is a booming business.

The airport when visiting Cuba

The colorful interior of the airport

Yes, the political atmosphere is a little different than in many other countries, but as a tourist, that seldom is any sort of an issue. The nation is Communist and it is generally a good idea to stay away from politics of any kind while visiting. That includes friendly conversation with the locals.

If that makes you uncomfortable (who talks politics on vacation anyway?), you can limit your time to the resorts and the issue will certainly never come up. If you are mainly visiting Cuba for the beaches, then this should suit you just fine.

But if you want to visit Cuba to actually see the island, then go ahead and check out the various cities and really see what it’s like.

Basically, you need to arrange a flight and a hotel room, and once that is done you can file to get a tourist visa. That’s pretty much it. Our other pages on the site here can explain those steps in more detail. Unless you are an American citizen, and then everything gets much more complicated because it is illegal for you to visit Cuba. Yes, really.

For the best times to visit Cuba, you can see our page about their weather but you’ll find that it’s generally warm and sunny throughout the year. So you can plan for your holiday pretty much any time of the year. More information on Cuba can be found by checking out the other sections of the site, found over there on the left-hand column.

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