Vaccinations for Cuba

A smart tourists takes health precautions when traveling, and that includes knowing what you need for vaccinations in Cuba.

Like most other islands in the Caribbean, there are a few diseases you need to take precautions for, but the list is fairly short and shouldn’t cause you too much difficulty to arrange before you visit Cuba.

necessary vaccinations for cuba travel

These are the recommended vaccinations for travel to Cuba:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria (possibly)
  • Rabies (possibly)
  • Typhoid (possibly)

A short trip to a resort would be fine with the first two, but if you are planning a longer stay and to go across the island to see more of Cuba, then you should probably get the full list to be on the safe side.

Busy cities like Havana or Santiago may have occasional outbreaks of dengue fever or meningitis, so check with current news to see if these health risks are going to effect your visit. Additional vaccinations for Cuba might be needed.

You will not need to worry about malaria or yellow fever. Neither of these diseases is present in Cuba.

Other Health Concerns

Do not drink the tap water, even in the bigger cities. Boil water if you can or stick to bottled (and that includes avoiding ice cubes in drinks). Cuban food is normally fine and you should be able to eat anything without health worries.

Health care is known to be excellent in Cuba, with a good supply of well-trained doctors and medical professionals. Supplies are sometimes limited due to trade issues but you can be confident of good care if you do get ill or injured during your travel to Cuba.

Of course, discuss your options with your doctor before getting any shots or vaccinations for Cuba. This is just a guideline and not actual medical advice.

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