Vacations in Cuba

Vacations in Cuba are quite popular with tourists from around the world.

The Resort Vacation

Cuba has a lot to offer, but the most popular destinations on the island are the beaches. In particular, the all-inclusive resort holiday is a favorite. Staying at an exclusive resort, right on one of Cuba’s sandy beaches can be a dream vacation for many people. Resorts often have a number of restaurants right on site, access to private beaches, planned sports and activities, as well as lavish decor and amenities. It’s a one-stop vacation with no hassles.

Vacations in Cuba

The Paradisus Rio de Oro Cuba resort

If you’re in Cuba for the beaches, you’ll love any of the resorts. Many are all-inclusive, but you don’t necessarily have to plan your vacation that way.

Seeing Cuba

Vacations in Cuba also come in another variety, where you actually see the island away from the beaches. You can either rent a car, take the train, catch a bus or even book a local flight to see the many sights around the island. Cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad and Baracoa are all filled with charm and Cuban history.

Of course, planning to see the Cuban countryside doesn’t mean you can’t still spend part of your vacation at the beach too. Some of the beach areas are private and only guests of the resorts can use them. Islands like Cayo Coco or Cayo Largo del Sur are filled with resorts, and might not be easy to access as a casual visitor. You should try Varadero or Holguin for their beaches, if you’re just looking for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

Getting There

Unless you are an American, getting flights to Cuba is fairly easy. Many major cities have direct airline service to the capital city of Havana, though there are a dozen other airports around the island that you could arrive at, if you prefer. Once you’ve arrive, many forms of transportation can help you get around the island.

Regardless of whether you want to visit Cuba for the beach resorts, or to take in the sights around the island, you’ll enjoy your vacation and plan on coming back. That’s exactly why tourism in Cuba is such a big business these days.

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