U.S Travel to Cuba

As of December 17 2014, relations between the USA and Cuba have begun to normalize. It’s assumed that travel restrictions will soon be easing. Updates will come to this page soon!

As you likely know, U.S travel to Cuba is pretty much illegal for anyone who just wants to visit as a tourist. Of course, that doesn’t actually stop any determined traveler who wants to head to the warm Cuban beaches for vacation. As I mentioned on the “Can Americans visit Cuba?” page, it is possible to bypass the travel restrictions by going to another country before heading to Cuba. If you are thinking of taking such a route, here is a bit more information on getting flights to Cuba through another country.

US Travel to Cuba

Arranging U.S travel to Cuba isn’t that easy

Coming from Canada

Canada is the most common stopping-point for any U.S travel to Cuba due to the ease of entry for Americans, and plenty of good flights to Cuba. You should head to Montreal or Toronto for the best choice of airlines. Cubana de Aviacion operates out of both cities, and Air Canada also has routes from Toronto. Either way, you’ll likely be arriving in Havana.

Coming from Mexico

If you are living in the southern parts of the United States, it might be more convenient for you to head into Mexico for your trip to Cuba. Again, you’ll likely be flying with Cuba’s own national airline, Cubana de Aviacion or Mexicana Airlines if you travel from Mexico City. There are also flights leaving from Cancun.

Coming from Europe

Now you probably won’t be taking a route through Europe unless you are already planning on visiting a country there. But if your vacation starts off in Europe, there are several options for flying to Cuba from there. You will have the most choice if you are coming from Madrid, Spain. From there, you can fly to Cuba with Iberia, Air Comet or Cubana de Aviacion. Other cities that have direct connections with Cuba include Amsterdam, London, Milan, Moscow, Frankfurt and Rome.

Another option is to fly to any other Caribbean island, and then take a short hop flight to Cuba. There are too many islands and too many local airlines to list out, but your best choices are going to be Cubana de Aviacion and Aerogaviota. They both have numerous flights all around the Caribbean heading to Cuba.

Most major flights will arrive in Havana, but there are many other airports in Cuba that might be more convenient. Many of the major resorts have airports nearby if you are going to the beach.

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