Tourist Attractions in Cuba

Aside from the beaches, there are few real tourist attractions in Cuba. Much of the appeal and charm of the island is its history and culture. So you’re not going to find big amusement parks, shopping complexes or anything flashy like that. But there is no shortage of things to do in Cuba.


Might as well start off with the big one. The largest of all tourist attractions in Cuba are the gorgeous beaches. There are countless fantastic beaches all the way around the island, and more major resorts than I can count. There is a whole section here dedicated to Cuba beaches so you can just click on over there to read more about the best beaches and resorts. And much of the coast is loaded with great spots for scuba diving too.

tourist attractions in Cuba

One of the old forts, a classic tourist attraction in Cuba


There are many museums around Cuba, but you’ll find the most in the capital city of Havana. There you can visit the Museum of the Revolution, the National Museum of Music, and the National Museum of Fine Art. The old quarter of Havana, there is the Museum of Colonial Art as well.

At the other end of the island in Santiago de Cuba, the Museo del Carnaval is fun and interesting, and the Museo Provincial Bacardi Moreau showcases the local history. There are also smaller museums in Camaguey and Trinidad.


For a bit more of a hands-on look at Cuba’s history, there are a number of old forts around the island you can tour through. One of the most spectacular is the Castillo de San Pedro del Morro, located high on a cliff near Santiago de Cuba. Even in the city of Havana, there are forts you can visit. Guarding the Bay of Havana is the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana. Both of these forts are open to tourists and have museums on their grounds. There is another great fort in Cienfuegos too.

Coffee Plantations

You take a walk through old coffee plantations in the Grand Piedra area, and enjoy some lovely scenery while learning more about the coffee industry in Cuba.

National Botanical Gardens

And speaking of place for a lovely walk, the National Botanical Gardens in Havana is definitely worth a visit. The gardens take up more than 1,500 acres and are filled with plants from around the world. There is a Japanese water garden, a desert cactus display and many plants native to Cuba.

Che Guevara Memorial

And one more site of historic interest. There is a memorial to the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, in the Plaza de la Revolution in the town of Santa Clara. His mausoleum is here, along with a statue and museum about his life.

These are just a few examples of attractions and sights you might want to see while visiting Cuba. There are many more historic places in Cuba that you should plan on seeing if you can, and the natural areas like the Sierra Maestra mountains are another great destination.

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