Sierra Maestra Cuba

The Sierra Maestra in Cuba is one of the most popular places in Cuba to visit when you want to explore some of the island’s great outdoors. It’s a lush green mountain range that runs along the south-eastern end of the island in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Sierra Maestra Cuba

Views of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba

Of all the many peaks within the Sierra Maestra in Cuba, the highest is Pico Turquino which is nearly 2,000 m high (that’s 6,650 feet). There is a small bust of Jose Marti at the summit, along with a historical plaque. If you take a trip to the top, you won’t be disappointed by the views over what seems like the entire island of Cuba.

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Also high in the mountains is the Turquino National Park, that protects a wide stretch of the range including other peaks like Pico Real, Pico, Suecia, and Pico Cuba. Parts of the southern coast are also within the park area. Most of the area is made up of dense rainforest that is home to a huge number of plant and animal species. It’s particularly great if you enjoy bird-watching.

Besides being a spectacular natural area for walking and hiking, the Sierra Maestra is a part of Cuban history. The heavily forested hills have been a refuge for rebels in a number of uprisings and military activities in Cuba, including the revolution against Batista.

The trails in the area are usually maintained and marked, and you can arrange for a guided tour if you really want to learn about the landscape and animal life of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba.

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