Scuba in Cuba

It may sound like a tongue-twister, but scuba in Cuba is a very popular activity and it brings tourists to the beaches around the island every year.

scuba in Cuba

Glorious coral when you scuba in Cuba

The Water

Generally, the water is clear and warm all around the island so you won’t have to go searching for decent diving spots. Just about any point on the coast (beach or not) should do. There are numerous fish populations and lots of Caribbean ocean wildlife to be found while you’re underwater, as well as several excellent wreck sites. Overall, the entire island is a scuba divers paradise.

Best Places to Dive

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few places that are better than others for scuba diving in Cuba. The Isla de la Juventud is a world-renowned place for scuba and with good reason. It’s a large island off the southern coast of west Cuba, and surrounded by some amazing dive sites.

There is a huge coral reef within easy boating distance, where you can see miles of coral formations and endless schools of fish. A steady stream of galleons and even pirate ships through this area a few hundred years ago have left some great shipwrecks too, though they’re not to be explored by the inexperienced diver.

Where else can you scuba in Cuba? The famous beaches of Varadero are also good spots for diving as well as white-sand sunbathing. There are reef sections along that part of the coast, as well as several impressive underwater cave formations. For some exciting ocean creatures, you can find lots of large ray populations off Cayo Levisa.

Lastly, the Guanahacabibes Peninsula at the very western tip of the island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, so you know you’ll find lots of exquisite ocean scenery. And yes, that includes more coral reefs.

No matter where you go to scuba dive in Cuba, you’ll have no trouble locating a well-equipped center to help you get boat charters and rent all the scuba equipment.

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