Restaurants in Cuba

Restaurants in Cuba can provide lots of opportunities to try all the varieties of Cuban foods while you are on your holiday, but you can taste dishes from all kinds of international cuisines too. Here is a quick list of your choices, based on types of meals or nationality.

There isn’t space to list out all the addresses and details, but just ask your hotel staff to help point you in the right direction when you are seeking these places out. You’ll find most international cuisines are offered mainly in Havana, but there are a few other spots where you can find tastes from around the globe.

Cuban and Spanish

  • Bodegon Criollo (Veradero and Havana)
  • Las Acacias (Santiago de Cuba)
  • El Aljibe (Havana)
  • El Templete (Havana)
  • La Fontana (Havana)
  • Las Palmeras de Tallapiedra (Havana)
  • La Esquina (Veradero)
  • La Isabela (Cienfuegos)


  • Shanghai (Havana)
  • Oshin (Veradero)
  • El Mandarin (Havana)


  • La Dominica (Havana)
  • La Piazza (Havana)
  • La Goleta (Veradero)
  • La Scala (Havana)


  • El Templete (Havana)
  • Albacora (Veradero)
  • La Cueva del Camaron (Cienfuegos)
  • Don Cangrejo (Havana)
  • El Farallon (Santa Clara)

I’ve left out all of the restaurants in Cuba that offer a mix of cuisines on their menu, just because they are fairly easy to find due to the high tourist traffic through the island. Many restaurants are considered “international” and serve many cuisines, but my intention here was to help find those rarer places that specialize in one specific nationality or type of food.

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