Population of Cuba

According to the 2002 census numbers, the population of Cuba is just over 11 million (11,177,743 to be more precise). The largest city in Cuba is the capital of Havana, and the population there is nearly 4 million if you count the surrounding urban area. Cuba is the most populated island in the Caribbean. The overall population grew over the past several decades, but recently has begun to drop most likely due to the relatively low birth rate.

the population of cuba

The population of Cuba is very diverse


Cuba has been a popular destination for immigrants, particularly from Spain. But much of the population of Cuba has come from other nations such as Italy, Russia, France, Portugal and the UK. And not only Europeans have decided to call Cuba home. Communities of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese immigrants can be found throughout the country. The Afro-Cuban population has come from various parts of Africa, mostly North Africa. Many generations of inter-racial marriage have blurred many of the racial lines in Cuba which can make it difficult to establish just how many people belong to any one ethnic group.


As many people know, Cuba is officially an atheist nation. But that does not mean there is no religion in Cuba, far from it. The many immigrants to the country have brought their religious beliefs with them and these religions can be found all across the island. With so many immigrants from Spain, Catholicism is the most common religious affiliation in Cuba, with dozens of Protestant churches coming along second. There are a few smaller groups of Jews and Muslims as well. One somewhat unique flavour of religion in Cuba is Santeria, which is a blend of African and Catholic beliefs.


The official language in Cuba is Spanish, and more specifically a variation of Spanish like that spoken in the Canary Islands (due to a large number of immigrants from that area). English is also spoken, particularly in any areas frequented by tourists.

As mentioned, there has been much immigration in Cuba over the years but the government in Cuba still restricts people from leaving so emigration is extremely low. This does have an effect on the overall population of Cuba.

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