Jibacoa Cuba

Jibacoa Cuba is one of those tiny little destinations that tends to be unknown to the average tourist, and that can make it so much more appealing to anyone visiting Cuba. The town’s official name is actually Playa Jibacoa, but it’s really just known as Jibacoa.

Where is Jibacoa Cuba

The village of Jibacoa is on the northern coast of Cuba, about 60 km east of the capital city Havana (that’s about an hour drive). It’s in Mayabeque Province, right at the mouth of the Jibacoa River. If you are driving around Cuba, it’s a great stop coming from Havana. Just take the Via Blanca along the coast from the city, just a few kilometers past the larger town of Santa Cruz del Norte.

Things to See and Do

Frankly, there aren’t really any specific Cuban tourist attractions in Jibacoa, other than the charming little village itself. There is also a nature reserve, Jardines de Hershey, not far from town.

There is some lovely beach along the coast, and you are allowed access to any stretch of beach regardless of any nearby resorts. Beaches are always public in Cuba, though you do need to be a patron to use their chairs or other services.

If sunbathing isn’t your thing, you can make even more use of the beach with a whole range of water sports and ocean activities that are very popular in Jibacoa Cuba. The scuba diving excellent given the nearby coral reef that is home to countless fish and colorful coral. If you don’t want to deal with diving equipment, you can explore the reef with just a snorkelling mask.

And speaking of resorts, there are a few of them in Jibacao now, and we’ll talk about those more in the next section.

Places to Stay

Don’t worry, Jibacoa Cuba still has a wonderful small village appeal even though there are now a few sizable resorts and hotels in and around town. At the moment, you can choose from:

  • Memories Jibacoa (previously the Breezes Jibacoa)
  • Cameleon Villa Jibacoa (Villa Tropico)
  • Villa Loma

You can also rough it a bit more at a nearby campsite, Cabanas Campismo de Cocos. They have cabins with very minimal facilities, which can’t really compare to the luxury resorts but they are super easy on the budget.

There are also a few good restaurants in Jibacoa, if you are looking to get a meal but not staying at a hotel while you are there.

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