Havana Restaurants

So which Havana restaurant should you head to next? Some restaurants will likely cater to various cuisines, especially in busy tourist areas. But if you get a chance, find a place that serves authentic Cuban dishes to taste some local food.

La Guarida

For a unique experience, make sure that La Guarida is on your to-visit list while in Cuba. Do not let the appearance of the restaurant fool you. It’s in a bit of a seedy neighborhood and the building is run-down. And yet, inside you’ll find a plain little restaurant that serves some of the best food in all of Havana. The menu is varied and doesn’t only include Cuban cuisine. Take the chance, and you won’t regret it. You might find the cost a bit higher than some other places though. The address is Calle Concordia no. 318, Gervasio y Escobar.


Havana restaurants

The staircase to La Guarida in Havana

El Templete

For some fresh seafood, you should dine at El Templete. It’s a bit more upscale than some, and the prices are a bit higher too. But the food is excellent. Many of the dishes are Spanish-inspired, but overall the menu is quite international in tastes. The address is Ave. del Puerto esq. Narciso Lopez, in the old quarter of Havana.

Los Nardos

For a Havana restaurant more on the budget-conscious side, Los Nardos is a great deal. The menu is mixed, with many Spanish and international dishes with large portions. Some people say its quite dark inside, some say it has atmosphere. You can decide on that one. You should know a bit of Spanish since the staff don’t usually speak any English. The address is Paseo del Prado 563, near El Capitolio.


Another seafood restaurant, and a famous one at that. Novelist Ernest Hemmingway used to eat here frequently because he loved their Daquiris. Because it is such a well-known eatery, expect to find it busy with tourists and the prices are a bit high. Having a Daquiri at the Floridita is something all tourists should do at least once when they visit Cuba. Address is Calle Obispo no. 557 esq. a Moserrate.

El Aljibe

Have a meal (or two) of real authentic Cuban food at El Aljibe. Their roast chicken is the most popular dish, and you can get traditional sides of rice, black beans and fried plantains. The food is good, but the menu is limited. The address is Calle 7ma between Calle 24 and 26 in Miramar.

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