Havana Cuba

The capital city of Havana Cuba is the hub of the island for transportation, accommodation and entertainment. It’s the place most people arrive on the island, and where most of the attractions and services are.

Havana Cuba travel tips

The beautiful buildings of downtown Havana Cuba

Getting to Havana

As long as you are not coming directly from the United States, there are plenty of flights to Havana from countries around the world. The Havana Airport is the main entry point for the island, and it’s where almost all international flights will arrive. The airport is south of the city and you can grab a public bus or a taxi to take you the 9 miles to downtown Havana.

Once You’re There

Considering the busy tourist industry, there are plenty of hotels in Havana, though you won’t find the fancy resorts common in Varadero or Cayo Coco. Hotels are usually a little rougher around the edges than comparable places in Europe or America, but most are still wonderful and charming.

There is another option, and that is to stay in a Havana guest house instead. They are locally called “casas particulars”, and are literally rooms in private homes. It’s a very popular option for anyone looking for low-key and inexpensive accommodations.

If you are planning on seeing the city with a Havana tour, you might want to find a hotel near Old Havana because that is were all the best attractions, restaurants and sights are. The old forts near the coast are particularly interesting. I highly suggest getting a map of Havana before you go so you can find your way around.

When Should You Go?

Frankly, the weather in Havana is great all year ’round, though it can be quite hot during the summer months. If the heat starts to get to you during your trip to Havana Cuba, you can always get out of the city for a day or two and visit the nearby Cuba beaches.

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