Havana Airport

The main Havana airport is the José Martí International Airport, which is the main point of entry for flights to Cuba. The other popular airport in Cuba is the Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, in Varadero. José Martí airport is about 9 miles (15 km) outside of Havana, and has the international airport code of HAV.

The Havana Airport in Cuba

The outside of the Havana airport

Airport Facilities

There are 4 terminals at the Havana airport, with one of them exclusively for Aerocaribbean. There is a bus that takes passengers between terminals when necessary. Terminal 3 is where most international flights to Cuba will arrive (except for special USA flights that arrive at Terminal 2).

José Martí airport has many typical airport amenities, such as car rental kiosks, restaurants, post office, bank, shops, and an information desk. You can even get Internet access there. If you have to wait at the airport, you’ll be quite comfortable since it’s air-conditioned as well. By Caribbean standards, it’s an extremely modern and well-equipped facility.

Inside of the Havana Airport in Cuba

The colorful interior of the airport

To and From the Airport

There are official taxis that can take you from the airport into Havana, costing around 25 CUC (convertable pesos). Illegal taxis will be much less. There is also public bus service that goes to La Habana Centro from Terminal 1, where domestic flights arrive. So if you’re arriving in Cuba at Terminals 2 or 3, you can grab the airport bus or a taxi to the spot where the bus picks up passengers.

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Service to José Martí International

There are too many flights to Havana to list out, but here are a few of the major international cities where you can get a flight to Cuba:

  • Madrid
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Moscow
  • Amsterdam
  • Cancun
  • Santo Domingo
  • Mexico City
  • Paris

Playa Baracoa Airport

There is actually a second Havana airport, the Playa Baracoa Airport that mainly handles local flights with Aerogaviota. The code for this airport is UPB, and its located just west of the city.

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