Flights to Havana

You’re probably looking for direct flights to Havana, unless you are heading straight to one of the beach resorts along the coast.

Airports in Havana

The main Havana airport is the José Martí International Airport, and it’s the only international airport that serves the capital city. Most travelers coming to Cuba arrive at José Martí airport. You can grab a cab or take a public bus into the city from there. Flights to Havana arriving here come from Canada, Europe and around the Caribbean.

There is a second airport in Havana for regional flights. The Playa Baracoa Airport handles domestic air traffic, usually for Aerogaviota. You may come into this airport if you fly around the island during your holiday.

flights to Havana Cuba

The airport for flights to Havana

Flights from Canada

There are a few major cities in Canada where you can get direct flights to Cuba, arriving in Havana. Your best bet would be to fly out of Toronto, where you could get a flight with either Air Canada or Cubana de Aviacion. Cubana de Aviacion also maintains a regular route to Cuba departing from Montreal.

Flights from Europe

You have many departure points to choose from if you are flying to Cuba from Europe. Madrid is probably served by the most airlines, with routes with Air Europa, Air Comet, Cubana de Aviacion and Iberia. Low-cost airline Martinair has flights to Havana from Amsterdam, and Air France comes in from Paris.
Tourists coming from the UK can get a flight from London with either Cubana de Aviacion or Virgin Atlantic Airways. Other cities with service to Havana are Milan, Rome, Frankfurt, and Moscow.

Flights from South America and Mexico

Cubana de Aviacion has service from Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Cancun, Guatemala City and Bogota, and you can also fly from Mexico City with Mexicana Airlines. Copa Airlines has flights from Panama City, and TACA Peru will pick you up in Lima.

Flights from the Caribbean

There are way too many specific flights and cities to list for any travel within the Caribbean region. Both Aerogaviota and Cubana de Aviacion airlines have a list of regular routes from most major cities and tourist spots in the Caribbean. Any flights within the Caribbean would be considered domestic, so you’ll be arriving at Terminal 1, as opposed to Terminal 3 for all the other international flights.

Flights from the USA

Due to the bans on American travel to Cuba, only Special Authority Charters are allowed to fly to Havana from the USA. Airlines such as American Airlines, Continental, Sky King and American Eagle all cover such routes. Departure cities are usually Miami or New York, though Continental leaves from Los Angeles. These flights always arrive at Terminal 2.

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