Flights to Cuba

Flights to Cuba are available from pretty much any country around the world, with the notable exception of the United States due to travel restrictions for Americans. But besides that, you really should have no trouble getting a flight, especially if you plan on traveling from Canada, South America or Europe.

flights to cuba

Where to Arrive

Well, the capital city of Havana is the main point of entry for anyone visiting Cuba. The Havana airport is the José Martí International Airport, about 9 miles (or 15 km) outside the city. So any flights to Havana will arrive here, but there are many other airports in Cuba where you could arrive instead. Varadero and Santiago de Cuba both have nearby international airports if you are heading to other parts of the island.

Save Your Money

Any vacation is going to be costly, but with a little planning and research even a Caribbean trip to Cuba can be had for a bargain. The best way to find cheap flights to Cuba is to travel during the off-peak season, or plan to book your flights several weeks (if not months) in advance. There are many ways to shave a few bucks off your airfare.

Another way to save money for your vacation is to try and book with a low-cost airline. These airlines don’t have many bells and whistles, and offer just the bare bones services needed on a flight. A bargain flight to Cuba may be found on one of these airlines.


Your airlines choices will vary depending on your departure points, and where you plan on arriving in Cuba. Assuming you’re coming into Havana, you have a number of options. Are you leaving from Canada? Air Canada can bring you to Cuba from Toronto, and Cubana de Aviacion has flights departing from Montreal.

European flights are common, and you will have no problem finding an airline that flies to Cuba. Martinair leaves from Amsterdam, Air France serves out of Paris, and Air Europa and Cubana de Aviacion offering flights from Madrid. London, Frankfurt, Rome and Moscow are other cities where you can get good flight service to Cuba.

Cubana de Aviacion has a large number of flights and routes if you are coming in from South America, Caribbean or Mexico.

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