Facts About Cuba

If you’re interested in facts about Cuba, this is the page for you. Here is a quick overview about the country and some of the vital details about this island nation. There is more to Cuba than just cigars and beaches.

Facts about Cuba

Important facts about Cuba

In terms of Cuba geography, the country is an island less than a hundred miles off the cost of the Florida Keys. There is one main island with a number of smaller ones surrounding it. It’s a great tourist spot due to the white sand beaches (like Varadero or Cayo Coco), and year-round tropical climate. Tourism is a major industry in Cuba, evident in the fact that they have 2 Cuban currencies, one for tourists and one for locals.

The population of Cuba is made up of a real mix of ethnic groups, with the majority of people having immigrated from Spain. The national language is Spanish as well, but there are people in Cuba from many different European, Asian and African countries. Once a Spanish territory, the flag of Cuba was adopted after the island gained its independence.

The government of Cuba is Communist, and it is officially an atheist country as well. There are several national Cuban holidays that reflect historical dates rather than religious ones.

Unfortunately for American tourists, there are still travel restrictions in place that date back to the early 1960s. American citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba, but many get around the rules by traveling to another country like Canada first. As far as I know, only the USA has any travel rules like this which leave the rest of the world to visit Cuba whenever they like. If you are looking for more details, I have another section on American travel to Cuba that you should see.

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