Cuban Tourism

Cuban tourism is one of the biggest industries in the country, namely because of the tropical climate and almost endless beaches. People come to Cuba from all over the world as tourists, and many come back year after year. Don’t let the government or political issues keep you from enjoying a trip to Cuba.

Changes in Cuba

Cuba is a pretty unique country, with a Communist government and many restrictions you don’t normally find in tourist destinations. But changes in Cuba’s policies have taken place in recent years, though some misconceptions remain. Before you plan any trip, make sure to check the current status of things in Cuba.

Until 2004, the US dollar was accepted throughout Cuba so that many tourists didn’t need to convert their currency into pesos if they traveled with American money. Now, US currency is no longer legal to use and all visitors much convert their money into convertible pesos (CUC) which are valued higher than the “local” pesos (CUP).

One other thing you may not know, is that local Cubans are no longer prohibited from having contact with international tourists. There are some resort islands that are restricted to tourists-only, though. People thinking about traveling to Cuba still worry about the legal issues of “mingling” while they sight-see, but it’s no longer a problem.

Health Tourism

While doing your research, you mind find some references to Cuba’s popular “health tourism” business. Cuba has free health care for its citizens, and a large population of doctors. Procedures are usually much cheaper than in many other countries, so people book trips to Cuba for medical reasons rather than just for the beaches.

Planning a Trip

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