Why are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

Why are Cuban cigars illegal? Well, that is a very good question and it goes along with the ongoing travel restrictions that the United States have against Cuba. That’s right, this is only an issue when it comes to America. People can buy and enjoy real Cuban cigars in any other country in the world, and there is nothing illegal or illicit about it.

Cuban cigars illegal

Wondering why Cuban cigars are illegal?

Due to the tense relations between Cuba and America, it is illegal to engage in any transactions with Cuba. This effects most average Americans as a travel restriction, and also means importing any products is prohibited. So not only are Cuban cigars illegal, anything made in Cuba would be illegal for an American.

This means you can’t import cigars directly from Cuba, and it also means you can’t purchase cigars in person elsewhere (say Mexico or Canada) and bring them into the United States. That would be considered illegal as well.

To get around these laws, some Cuban cigar manufacturers have set up shop outside of Cuba. For example, Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta cigars are made in Cuba but also in the Dominican Republic (still using all that wonderful Cuban expertise and technique). Not technically “Cuban” but at least you can take them legally into the USA.

Be careful, when trying to skirt the laws, people will try to take advantage and sell you fake Cuban cigars as well.

These restrictions are several decades old, and many people feel they are really just old Cold War relics that need to be taken down.

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