Where to Buy Cuban Cigars in Canada

It’s only in the USA that Cuba cigars are illegal. Buying Cuban cigars in Canada is completely legal and legit. So where do you buy them?

If you are used to Cuban cigars as being a contraband item, it may seem strange that you can buy them at any high-end cigar or tobacco shop in the country. You may not find any quality shops in the smaller towns, but most big cities should have a few.

There are many online retailers as well, that advertise genuine Cuban cigars. Unfortunately, without being able to see, smell or touch them, you can’t be sure you’re not paying top dollar for fake Cuban cigars.

Another thing you need to keep in mind with online shopping, is that Canadian law prohibits the shipment of tobacco products across provincial lines. So make sure the online retailer you want to do business with is in the same province as you.

A few popular online cigar stores include:

While buying Cuban cigars in Canada is legal, that doesn’t change the fact that they are illegal in the United States. So even if they are purchased satisfactorily, you are still not allowed to pack them in your luggage and return to America. Some cigar shops are sympathetic, and may offer to swap the boxes and paper rings to another non-Cuban brand so you can fool the customs officials. This is more common in shops near the border, or near airports.

It is up to you if you want to do so, but take care that your helpful cigar shop doesn’t swap your fine Cubans for a lesser-quality cigar in the process.

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