Cuba Travel Services

When planning your trip, Cuba travel services can be a big help to get things organized and to point you in the right direction on the island. The right service can handle every aspect of your trip, or just help you find the right hotel. Here are a few services and agencies that you might want to know about when you are planning your vacation in Cuba.

GAP Adventures

GAP Adventures is a world-wide tour company that specializes in providing unique holidays, and they have several packages for Cuba. They range from a 4-day tour of Havana, to a 2-week excursion around the entire island. GAP tours are for people who want to see all the sights, rather than sun bathing on the beach.


Another place for Cuba travel services is the TripCentral website. You can compare upcoming flight costs, and see specific hotel reviews. They also have travel agents that you can call with your questions about Cuba.

Cubana de Aviacion

If you plan on taking any short flights while in Cuba, you will want to know about Cubana de Aviacion, Cuba’s main airline. You might also be taking Cubana de Aviacion to get to Cuba since they do service a number of international destinations outside of Cuba.

You can visit their website (in English) to check on flight schedules, or contact their office at 537-834-4446. That’s the phone number for information and reservations. You can get other contact numbers on their website.


Now, if you go with an all-inclusive resort package, then you really don’t need to organize very much. Accommodation, dining and entertainment is all included. All you need to do is pick the beach resort, and book a flight. You won’t see much of Cuba but you can spend your holiday right on the beach.

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