Cuba Travel Information

Cuba travel information can help you plan your next vacation to this Caribbean island, especially since it’s not as well-known a destination as some of the other islands. Vacations in Cuba are gaining in popularity, mainly due to the number of beautiful beaches this island has to offer.

Cuban tourism is doing just fine, even with government restrictions and a travel ban for Americans. The rest of the world is enjoying Cuba year after year, and there are several Cuba tourist boards around the world open to help you arrange your trip.

Tourism Basics

Tourism in Cuba is big business, so you should expect things to go rather smoothly since they are well-equipped to handle visitors. You will need a travel visa to enter Cuba, which you should arrange before you make your trip. You might want to get in touch with a tour company, or other travel service to help you get everything together, but it’s not necessary if you prefer to strike out on your own.

Cuba travel information

Cuba travel information for visitors and tourists

Getting Around Cuba

If your holiday plans involve staying at your resort, then you probably don’t need to worry about Cuba transportation. But if you want to get around and see more of the island while you are there, you need to know the best ways to travel through Cuba.

For short trips in the larger towns and cities, you can usually just grab a taxi. Small towns can be explored on foot. To get around between cities, there are regular buses and good train service too. You’ll want to get to know these options if you plan on backpacking around Cuba.

Basic Cuban Info

Though most people in Cuba who work in tourist areas (resorts, hotels, restaurants) will speak English, the official language of the island is Spanish. Knowing a few basic phrases in Spanish can help you when you are out sight-seeing.

The currency in Cuba is the peso, but foreigners can only convert their currency into “convertible” pesos (CUC) which have a much higher value than the local pesos (CUP). The value difference is roughly that 1 CUC is worth 25 times each CUP. Know the difference or you might end up spending a lot more money than you need to when buying souvenirs.

Concerned about your health? You should also be aware of which vaccinations for Cuba are recommended by health professionals.

Plan Your Trip

If you are thinking of visiting Cuba, you will want more Cuba travel information. Here are a few other pages that you should read while you plan your trip:

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