Cuba Tourist Board

Though there are many different travel organizations like the Cuba Tourist Board, there is really only place with that precise name.

The Cuba Tourist Board is located in Toronto, Canada and handles a lot of travel and tourism information for people looking to head to Cuba from Canada. Some other nations do have similar tourist boards, but the Cuba Tourist Board in Canada is one of the largest due to the popularity of trips to Cuba from here.

You can contact them via their Cuba website, or by phone at 416-362-0600. Their address is 1200 Bay Street, if you were thinking of going in person. They can help you work out the details of your trip, and provide information on sights, accommodations and other travel details. Of course, you can find a lot of that stuff here as well.

Other Similar Travel Boards

If this specific Cuba Travel Board isn’t what you were after, there are a few other important boards that you can contact in other regions (nothing in the USA though, for obvious reasons). The UK has a similar Cuba travel board, and there is also an official tourism site maintained by Cuba itself.

In any case, these sites do all provide basically the same range of tourist information as any others, except they tend to be geared towards a specific group of travelers (the Canadian board offers info and details most relevant to Canadians, for example). They won’t actually do any flight or cruise booking.

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