Dining at Cuba Restaurants

Cuba restaurants can range from fancy places intended for tourists, to small eateries that offer real authentic Cuban food. Don’t just stick to the restaurant in your hotel or resort, get out and try something different.


I’ll start off with the Floridita because it’s actually one of the most famous Cuba restaurants. American novelist Ernest Hemmingway used to stop at the Floridita often, though he liked the place more for their Daquiris than the food. Drinks aside, the food is excellent with a varied seafood menu. It is a tourist favorite, so expect lots other travelers while you are there. The address is Address is Calle Obispo no. 557 esq. a Moserrate, in the capital city of Havana.

Cuba restaurants

Floridita is one of the best known Cuba restaurants

Bodegon Criollo

Veradero has more than just gorgeous beaches, they have some great restaurants too. Bodegon Criollo isn’t fancy but their menu of Cuban cuisine is inexpensive and authentic. It’s close to several beach resorts and can be a welcome change from the somewhat fancy restaurants there. The atmosphere is very open and casual, and the portions are large. The address is Avenida Playa y 40, in Veradero.

Las Acacias

Las Acacias is a restaurant in the Villa Santiago hotel, and offers some of the best food in Santiago de Cuba. The menu has international cuisine with much variety. Beans and rice may not seem exciting, but you’ll love it here. It’s what their best known for. Their address is Ave Manduley no. 502 e/ 19 y 21, in Santiago de Cuba.

La Guarida

Having a meal at La Guarida is a Cuban experience that every tourist should have. I have heard recently (early 2010) that they are renovating, so double-check that they are open before you go. I just hope they don’t over-do the renovations because the shabby charm is what makes the place so popular. The neighborhood isn’t the best and most people will tell you not to try and find the place by yourself at night. But once you’re there, and have found your way upstairs, it’s worth it. They have Cuban and international cuisine, and the prices are higher than most Cuba restaurants. The address is Calle Concordia no. 318, Gervasio y Escobar, Havana.

Hacienda Company Gallo

Get out of the city, and enjoy some rustic country ambiance. The Hacienda is a small farm where they raise their own chickens, pheasants and quails for the Creole and Cuban dishes they serve. You can find them about 3 km north of Holguin.

This is just a tiny glimpse of the restaurant choices in Cuba. If you’re exploring the capital city, I have another page just on Havana restaurants that might be helpful.

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