Cuba Resort Reviews

Having good Cuba resort reviews handy can be helpful when you are planning your holiday. With so many hotels and resorts in Cuba, how can you decide which one will suit your vacation needs? When you are spending a lot of money for a Caribbean holiday, you want to know that you are going to stay at a good resort.

Kinds of Reviews

What kind of information should a good resort review provide for you? There are really 2 kinds of reviews. Some are written from a factual point of view, and can tell you all the various features, services and amenities that any Cuba resort can offer. These are really more “overviews” than reviews, but since they are often called “reviews” I figured I should mention them.

They are helpful by providing you with all the facts you need about any given resort, and can help compare features. You can see what sports are available, how many rooms a resort has, how many bars and restaurants, what features the rooms have and more.

But facts alone don’t give the whole picture, especially when they are written by the resort themselves or a travel company trying to promote their vacation packages. You need to find some honest opinions about the resorts from people who have stayed there.

Find good Cuba resort reviews to do your vacation research

Finding Cuba Resort Reviews

The very best kind of review is one from a person you actually know and trust. While I do recommend using online sources to find personal reviews, even then you can’t always trust exactly what you read.

Websites like TripAdvisor and Holiday Watchdog are excellent for reviews, particularly because there are usually a large number of reviews and opinions. I think it gives a more accurate picture of any resort or hotel if you can read several reviews instead of just one or two.

Write Your Own

If you’ve already been to Cuba and stayed at a resort, you could always share your experiences (positive or negative) by writing a review of your own. The two sites I just mentioned are good places for posting Cuba resort reviews. Be honest when you sum up your resort experience and explain why you didn’t like it or really enjoyed it. You might be able to help the next person decide where to go for their Cuba vacation.

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