Cuba Food

Cuba food has many Caribbean and Spanish elements, as well as other Asian and African influences due to the large number of immigrants in the population. Though similar in many ways, the cuisine in Cuba is not the same as in Mexico, which many people seem to expect when they arrive on the island.

Buying food in Cuba can be difficult due to the rationing system that they use, which means many Cuban dishes are made with the same basic ingredients. In particular, rice and beans are found throughout the island’s cuisine. Meat can be scarce, so many dishes are cooked without it. When available, pork is very popular but chicken and beef are also used in Cuban cuisine.

A dish of Cuba food, ropa vieja with rice

A dish of Cuba food, ropa vieja with rice

Tastes of Cuba

Certain spices and seasonings are common throughout Cuban cuisine, and can be found in many recipes. Regardless of what kind of Cuba food you try, you’ll find the taste of cumin, onion, garlic, pepper, bay and lime. For more spicy Cuban dishes, there are jalapeno peppers added for that extra zing.

Popular Cuban Foods

There are too many traditional Cuban foods to list, but here is a quick look at some of the well-known dishes that make up Cuban cuisine:

Sweets and Desserts
At the end of the meal, its traditional to have a sweet dessert. Sometimes it is just fresh fruit, but there are several great Cuban desserts as well. Many of them are milk-based, so you’ll frequently see recipes for custards, puddings and ice cream dishes.

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