Cheap Flights to Cuba

Vacations are expensive, so getting cheap flights to Cuba can be an important way to keep your holiday budget reasonable. There are a few tips you can try to help keep your flight costs down.

Pick the Right Time

Planning your trip to Cuba right in the middle of the busy holiday season will guarantee that you are paying the highest fare. Your best bet for cheap flights to Cuba is to go during the off season, which would be during the spring (NOT during spring break) or the fall. Summer holidays are busy, and people love to get to the beach during North American winters.

There are other timing tips too. Further savings can be found if you are willing to travel at odd times during the day. People generally don’t like to get on a plane at 5am, so the ticket prices may be lower for those flights. Are you willing to lose a bit of sleep to save a few bucks? It’s worth looking into.

And one last timing idea, to buy your tickets well in advance of your vacation. Prices always go up as your departure approaches. Don’t leave your planning to the last minute, or you’ll pay for it.

cheap flights to Cuba

How to find the best cheap flights to Cuba

Join a Tour Group

This tip only applies if you get a tour package that includes your airfare. Because tour company’s buy up their seats in “bulk” they get a discount. Hopefully, that discount will get passed on along to you. Don’t assume that though. Check with current prices to see if you are getting deal this way.

Choose Your Airport

While arriving at the Havana airport may seem like the obvious choice, you might save a little money if you choose one of the less popular airport in Cuba. here are several decent bus lines around Cuba, so you can still get around the island no matter where you decide to arrive.

Comparison Shop

Just like with any other kind of shopping, you need to look around to find the best deals. The best way to get a good look at your options is with online travel sites like Travelocity or Expedia. With just a few clicks you can see what various airlines are offering, and you can play around with the dates to see if you can make use of the timing tips given above.

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