Bargain Flight to Cuba

If you are looking to get a bargain flight to Cuba, there are many ways of going about it. By comparison shopping, or strategically timing your trip, you can find yourself some cheap flights to Cuba, but there are other ways of finding vacation bargains. One way to get lower air travel prices is to fly with a no-frills or low-cost airline.

Bargain airlines usually only fly from departure cities near where they are based, so your choices will be limited to whatever airlines operate near where you plan on traveling from. For example, a German airline would only operate departure points from around Germany but they may travel to points all over the world. Many low-cost airlines have service to the Caribbean region, so see if any of these can help you get a bargain flight to Cuba.

Condor Airlines

Condor is a German-based airline that operates service out of 17 German cities including Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. They have destinations in Havana, Holguin and the beach region of Varadero.


Based in Italy, Blu-Express is another European option for bargain airfare. They only fly out of Rome though. Cities in Cuba that you can fly to include Cayo, Havana and Santiago de Cuba.


Most of Jetairfly’s service comes out of the city of Brussels in Belgium, though some flights depart from Liege and Ostend as well. Unlike most other airlines, there don’t have flights to Havana. You can only fly with them if you are heading to Varadero.

Air Transat

Here is a no-frills option that originates from Canada rather than Europe with service out of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. You have a wider range of destinations in Cuba than some of the other airlines, such as Cayo Coco, Camaguey, Santa Clara, and Varadero. Unlike the others, there is no service to the capital of Havana.

These are just a few examples of low-cost flight options, but by no means the only ones. Many mainstream airlines also offer good bargains, especially if you travel during the off-season or book your flight several weeks in advance.

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