American Travel to Cuba

As of December 17 2014, relations between the USA and Cuba have begun to normalize. It’s assumed that travel restrictions will soon be easing. Updates will come to this page soon!

The difficulties with American travel to Cuba has been a long-standing issue in tourism for several decades now. The basic idea is that due to the socialist government policies of the Castro government (first Fidel Castro, and now his brother Raul), the United States has decided to prohibit any and all transactions by Americans with Cuba. That means no trade and no tourism.

American travel to Cuba

Do you really understand American travel to Cuba?

Americans may be pretty familiar with it, but it strikes non-Americans as being a bit strange. Many people abroad wonder if it’s even true, or just some kind of ongoing urban legend left over from the Cold War years. Well, the answer to the question, “Can Americans visit Cuba?” is a big NO. It is illegal for anyone in the United States to travel to Cuba.

Considering that trade and tourism is alive and well in communist China, one has to wonder about the logic in maintaining the U.S embargo on Cuba as a way of trying to change their government policies. There are no such restrictions or embargoes against any other nation so why keep this up? Many others seem to share the same views, and new legislation is being developed to maybe lift some of the restrictions. It may not be too long before it is legal again for Americans to travel to Cuba.

Even with these laws in place, it’s pretty obvious that U.S travel to Cuba still exists, and American tourists do visit Cuba every year. I’m certainly not going to advocate that you break the law, but if you were to happen to stop in another country first, then you could book your flight to Cuba with ease. Various routes can take you from the USA to Cuba, if you were so inclined. A special authority charter may suit your needs if you are planning an educational trip rather than just a recreational one.

So if you are an American thinking about taking a vacation trip to Cuba, read the other pages in this section and get all the details so you know what’s involved in arranging your holiday.

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