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Cuba travel tips can help you plan the perfect holiday to the island of Cuba.

While there are some travel restrictions for Americans coming to Cuba, the island is still a very popular tourist destination for its beaches, resorts and other attractions.

Cuba travel information

Come to Cuba for the Caribbean beaches!

Don’t let political issues keep you from planning a holiday to Cuba. The weather is ideal most of the year, there are more beaches than you can count, and there is wonderful history and culture across the island. From a North American or European viewpoint, the prices are quite reasonable which makes Cuba a vacation for even the most budget-conscious.

Flights to Cuba

The first part of your Cuban vacation is the flight, so check out who flies there and where you can travel from. Knowing the right airports in Cuba also helps you get your trip organized. If you are heading to the capital city, then find out more about flights to Havana.

Beaches and Resorts

Cuba’s best attractions are its beaches, and the lavish resorts sitting on them. If you are planning on sunbathing, then you’ll want to know more about Cuba’s beaches. Beaches like Varadero, Cayo Largo del Sur and Cayo Coco are all world famous.

Travel Info
Bit of a catch-all category, with more details on what you need to know when organizing your trip. Getting visas, understanding transportation and things like that.

Tourist Attractions
Here you can find all the destinations on the island for tourists. Strolling the beaches is one thing, but there are many great things to do in Cuba that you really should have on your to-see list.

For the Americans
And a section just for the Americans who want to visit Cuba. Due to governmental travel restrictions, citizens from the USA are going to have difficulties. Find out the details, and what you can do.

Restaurants in Cuba
Eating out is one of the best things about vacation, so see what restaurants Cuba has to offer. Know what to expect, and what foods are popular.

Hotels in Cuba
Of course, you’re going to want to arrange some convenient accommodations for your stay. Choose an authentic Cuba guest house, or splurge a little on a beach resort.

Cuban Food
What dishes are traditional in Cuba, and what kinds of food do Cubans eat? Important to know for visiting restaurants, but I also have recipes if you want to cook these dishes at home. Anyone can enjoy authentic black bean soup or some sweet desserts.